About Training

To help prepare the campus and Wexner Medical Center communities for the implementation of Workday and other new technology, the Enterprise Project will facilitate and support the appropriate training.

When will training be available?

Specific training curriculums are currently in development, and more information will be announced in early 2020 on this webpage. Training opportunities will begin in spring 2020, ahead of the summer 2020 implementation of Workday. Until then, Ohio State employees are encouraged to view the available recordings listed below.

What training will I need?

The amount and type of training you will need depends on your role at Ohio State. Employees who infrequently use the current administrative systems (such as eLeave, eTimesheet and HR Action) will only need informal training, such as a brief video that explains how to check your payslip in Workday. Other employees whose roles fulfill operational business requirements will need in-depth training, such as an in-person class that details a grant set-up in Workday.

Finance, supply chain, HR and payroll professionals should expect more robust training opportunities, and they will be provided with the knowledge they need to be successful in their roles.

What can I do to prepare now?

Below are a number of precursor materials that have been created to help employees gain a foundational understanding of Workday.

The Workday Core Concepts series was designed specifically for employees whose roles align with operational business needs.


I am a staff member, faculty member or manager.


I am an HR/Payroll professional.


I am a Finance and/or Supply Chain professional.