Guiding Principles


Through collaboration, project and university leadership developed Workstream Vision Guiding Principles to provide the scope of work. The links below access what has been printed and shared during visioning sessions.


Be Forward Thinking and Adapt to the Iterative Nature of Implementing New Technology

  • We will view this change in platform as a catalyst. As an organization, we commit to modernizing our approaches to transacting with, reporting from, and supporting enterprise applications in this changing technological landscape.
  • We will challenge the status quo and embrace change, recognizing it is paramount to our success as we establish the new model for our core, shared enterprise resource planning applications.
  • We will seek opportunities to learn and grow every day, adopting new functionality as it is delivered and employing it in our daily work.  Release management becomes an avenue for continuous improvement.

Adopt Streamlined, Simplified, Industry-leading Business Practices

  • Industry-leading practice will serve as the standard. Deviation from the standard requires a unique business case and the approval of the Executive Sponsors. Fragmented processes, like fragmented systems, breed inefficiency.
  • We will not design an application based on current state functions. Many processes exist today to remedy the shortcomings of antiquated technology; with the move to a modern solution, we seek to streamline processes and empower the business.
  • We will focus on the rule, not the exception.

Foster an Environment of Collaboration and Transparency

  • We are ONE team.  We seek to establish an open, communicative team, by approaching our work with open minds, assuming positive intent in our interactions, and committing to excellence.  We will make thoughtful, deliberate, and timely decisions and will not dwell on minor points.
  • Project stakeholders are partners in this project and have an important role in ensuring its success.  We seek to engage a broad audience of stakeholders dedicated to improving the administrative functions of the university community and commit to maintaining the strong governance required to move forward.
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We will seek opportunities to partner with our peers, both in and out of industry, and the application's vendor to influence their technology roadmap, ensuring functionality core to our business is made available through delivered solutions.

Proactively Engage the University through Change Management and Communication

  • We recognize the significance of organizational change affected by the project and commit to establishing and executing a proactive change management approach of the same scope.
  • We will communicate frequently and in a variety of formats, information about the project to the university community, and commit to alerting them of changes to key aspects of it.
  • We will host workshops and demonstrations, as well as provide written documentation and training opportunities so members of the community may learn how the new application affects them and how they may prepare for its launch.