Project Team

Team Structure

The graphic below reflects the Enterprise Project team structure. Click the expandable sections for a more detailed team list.

Visual of the EP team structure as described in the collapsible sections below.


Project Directors

Michael Anderson and Natalie Sisto Means (consultant) serve as Enterprise Project Directors. As directors, Mike and Natalie lead day-to-day project operations, work with governance groups on decision-making, and coordinate select advisory groups.

Project Leadership Team

  • Mike Anderson, Enterprise Project Director
  • Natalie Sisto Means, Enterprise Project Director (Consultant)
  • Beth McCluskey, Workday Engagement Director (Consultant)
  • Holly Ross, Finance and Supply Chain Business Process Director and Business Advocate
  • Israt Herminghuysen, HR and Payroll Business Process Director
  • Kevin Donahoe, Technology and Data Business Advocate
  • Tracey Pawlowski, HR and Payroll Business Advocate
  • Jeff Allen, Student Business Process Director and Business Advocate 
  • Kathy Robson, Wexner Medical Center Business Advocate
  • Amanda Smith, Student Program Manager
  • David Lindstedt, Project Management Director
  • Lonnie Morgan, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting Director
  • Lisa Tiedje, Integrations Lead
  • William Ashley, Strategic Communications and Engagement Director
  • Megan Dugan, Cross-Functional Lead
  • Bonnie Benson, Organizational Change Management Director (Consultant)
  • Jessica Roy, HR Service Delivery Lead (Consultant)
  • Jeff Brady, Workday Engagement Manager (Consultant)
  • John Hornbuckle, Workday Engagement Manager (Consultant)
  • Joshua Sandstrom, Advisor (Consultant)

Program Management

The Program Management group includes Project Management, Release Management, Policy and Governing Documents and Human Resources.

  • Project Management - directing operations, process improvement, budget, and schedule.
  • Release Management - leading system testing and go-live support for Business Process Transformation teams.
  • Policy and Governing Documents - facilitating university policy revisions to align with business and technology transformations.
  • Human Resources - providing HR guidance and support to project team members.

Business Process Transformation

The Business Process Transformation group includes the Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Payroll and Student teams.

Business Process Transformation teams collaborate with their business area to deliver:

  • Design of end-to-end business processes
  • Configuration, testing and deployment of Workday and related technologies
  • Organizational design, service delivery and workforce planning support 

Organizational Change Management

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) group supports the university community through changes associated with the Enterprise Project.

  • Marketing and Communications - develops marketing and communications strategies to build awareness of the Enterprise Project.
  • Stakeholder Engagement - seeks opportunities to involve the university community in the Enterprise Project.
  • Learning - develops training strategies and materials, including specific OCM support for Business Process Transformation teams.


The Technical group includes Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting; Security; and Conversion and Integration.

  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting - develops innovative data analytics solutions for the university and fosters trust in university data through data governance.
  • Security - ensures Workday and other Enterprise Project systems securely store university data.
  • Conversion and Integration - leads the conversion of legacy data into new systems and builds integrations between internal/external systems and new systems.