The Enterprise Project is a business transformation that will improve the Ohio State experience and advance operational excellence through Workday and other modern, effective services and technology. The benefits for faculty are rooted in creating a simplified and transparent work environment.

The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) serves as the voice of faculty throughout the Enterprise Project, ensuring the academy’s needs are heard and addressed. The committee is a sounding board for potential changes in business processes and technology systems, and provides valuable input with a faculty lens.

Benefits for Faculty

Through modern systems and more efficient processes, the Enterprise Project will help you focus your work day on what matters most to you. For faculty, that means implementing modern business processes and systems to advance your teaching, research and patient care missions.


Ohio State is implementing Workday for the university and Wexner Medical Center’s financial, human resources, payroll and student information systems. 


The Enterprise Project will change the way the university does business, with the goal of creating more transparent and efficient processes for faculty, staff and students.


Workday provides more frequent system upgrades, meaning your information and processes will always be current and accessible at anytime on any device.

Faculty FAQs

How are faculty involved in the Enterprise Project?

The Enterprise Project convened a Faculty Advisory Committee early in the program to provide faculty input and guidance. The following faculty members meet monthly to receive project updates and provide faculty feedback and perspective. To request more information about faculty involvement and the Faculty Advisory Committee, please use the Contact form.

    •    Steve Boyles - Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
    •    Cathy Cole - Social Work
    •    Daniel Dotson - University Libraries
    •    Xin Feng - Education and Human Ecology
    •    Wondwossen Gebreyes - Public Health and Veterinary Medicine
    •    Christopher Hadad - Arts & Sciences
    •    Jacquelyn Meshelemiah - Social Work
    •    Bernadette Minton - Fisher College of Business
    •    Jan Neiger - Academic Affairs
    •    Glenn Martinez - Arts & Sciences and Nursing
    •    Jan Roseberry - Veterinary Medicine
    •    Randy Moses - Academic Affairs and Engineering
    •    Stefan Niewiesk - Veterinary Medicine
    •    Tatiana Oberyszyn - Medicine
    •    Eric Seiber - Public Health
    •    Wendy Smooth - Arts & Sciences
    •    Jennifer Vinopal - University Libraries
    •    Jeff Walline - Optometry
    •    Kay Wolf - Academic Affairs and Medicine

How will the Enterprise Project impact me?

The Enterprise Project will replace current systems (including PeopleSoft, eLeave, and others) with Workday, a leading cloud-based software. All student services, HR, payroll and finance processes, including post-award grants management, will be optimized for Workday. In short, the university is transforming how we do business to better support your academic, research and patient care passions. 

When should I expect to experience process and system changes?

Ohio State's Workday implementation will begin in summer 2020. Please review the Project Timeline for more information. 

How can I get involved in the Enterprise Project?

Stay connected to the Enterprise Project through this website and contact enterprise-project@osu.edu with feedback, questions and comments. You may also subscribe to the Enterprise Project Digest, a monthly newsletter with project updates. 

Use this link to review the full list of answers to frequently asked questions.


Faculty News

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December 18, 2018

As the largest and most complex higher education institution implementing Workday Student, Ohio State is in the unique position of influencing the development of the Workday Student product. The university is partnering with Workday to identify the technology needed for comprehensive student services.

August 29, 2018

As part of the university’s commitment to affordability and excellence, Ohio State leaders determined that transforming the process to identify and apply for scholarships would contribute to an improved student experience.

May 30, 2018

Academic advisors from across Ohio State were invited to a summary presentation of proposed transformations to advising, giving the community an opportunity to learn more about the processes and tools currently in development.