Faculty and Principal Investigators

Workday will help faculty and Principal Investigators complete Buckeye business efficiently. That means you’ll have reliable, real-time information in one system.

Over the past two years, the Enterprise Project has been working closely with the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) to ensure the needs of our academic community are heard and addressed. The committee is a sounding board for potential changes in business processes and technology systems and provides valuable input with a faculty lens.

Learn more about what’s changing for faculty and PIs, and how those changes will be implemented over the coming months.

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The Enterprise Project convened a Faculty Advisory Committee early in the program to provide faculty input and guidance. The following faculty members meet monthly to receive project updates and provide faculty feedback and perspective. To request more information about faculty involvement and the Faculty Advisory Committee, please use the Contact form.

  • Margaret Anich - Lima campus
  • Steve Boyles - Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  • Daniel Dotson - University Libraries
  • Xin Feng - Education and Human Ecology
  • Wondwossen Gebreyes - Public Health and Veterinary Medicine
  • Robert Greenbaum - John Glenn College of Public Affairs
  • Christopher Hadad - Arts & Sciences
  • Leah Mary Herner-Patnode - Lima campus
  • Michael Hogan - Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  • Mark Kleffner - Lima campus
  • Jacquelyn Meshelemiah - Social Work
  • Bernadette Minton - Fisher College of Business
  • Jan Neiger - Academic Affairs
  • Helen Malone - Academic Affairs
  • Glenn Martinez - Arts & Sciences and Nursing
  • Randy Moses - Academic Affairs and Engineering
  • Stefan Niewiesk - Veterinary Medicine
  • Tatiana Oberyszyn - Medicine
  • Eric Seiber - Public Health
  • Wendy Smooth - Arts & Sciences
  • David Tomasko - Engineering
  • Jeff Walline - Optometry
  • Kay Wolf - Academic Affairs and Medicine


Whats Changing with Workday

What's Changing For Faculty and Principal Investigators



Technology Changes Overview for Faculty

Today, I use:Tomorrow, I will use:
  • CarmenCanvas, Vita
  • eLeave, eTravel, eRequests
  • additional support staff for entering expense reports and booking travel
  • Support staff for entering expense reports,booking travel and  helping to purchase items
  • CarmenCanvas, Vita
  • Workday desktop and mobile app
  • Support staff to help me enter expenses, book travel and make purchases, but I also have the option to do this myself

HR Requests and Personal Information Changes

  • In the future, all of these actions will be done in Workday after authenticating through BuckeyePass.
  • I access Workday to update my personal information including my academic appointment information, view my payslip, select my benefits, and view my team, including faculty, staff and student employees who may work for me.
  • When applying for faculty positions, I continue to find positions through Academic Jobs Online and other similar job posting boards and apply through postings on Ohio State’s career site.
  • I will use Workday to request leave.
  • If I have an HR question or need, I will call the HR Service Center or reach out to my college's HR Consultant.

Grants Management

  • I will use Workday to manage all my grants (internal, non-OSP, and OSP grants) post-award.  
  • See below.

Travel Changes

  • I will use Workday to request travel, book travel using approved travel vendors and use Workday to create a travel expense report.

Purchasing Changes

  • I use a PNC bank card instead of AMEX to purchase items for my grants.
  • My unit grants me a PCard at their discretion.
    • I may use the Marketplace in Workday instead of eRequest to purchase a contracted item--they can also purchase outside the Marketplace with additional steps. My admin can also support me with purchases and I can see who needs to approve it.


Principal Investigators (PIs):

Technology Changes Overview for PIs

Today, I use:Tomorrow, I will use:
  • eLeave, eTravel, eRequests
  • Support staff for entering expense reports,booking travel and  helping to purchase items
  • PI Portal
  • Workday desktop and mobile app
  • I can enter in my own expense reports, book my own travel and purchase my own items, but I also can do these things the way I did before Workday
  • PI Portal

Effort Certification

  • I  receive an inbox task to certify my employee’s effort. This task also goes to my employee. Whoever (PI or employee) responds first to the notification will certify the effort. Workday does not allow for bulk processing of certifications.
  • I receive a notification whenever expenses have been charged against my grant and I am able to better track expenses.


  • I can enter and correct employee time in Workday, increasing efficiency and consistency for accurate timekeeping
  • I approve spend authorizations for my employees that travel

Report Access

  • I can access the PI Portal directly through Workday.

Grant Management

  • I need to identify my grants using Workday numbering.
  • In order to pay a supplier invoice, the invoice must be approved and settled. Grant transactions are not eligible to be billed to the sponsor until after settlement is complete. So if the invoice isn't approved, sponsor billing is delayed. This will be important for me to be aware of as I manage my relationships with suppliers.
  • I receive notifications of costing allocation changes for the grants that I manage.


High Level Change Journey

January - April 2020

Faculty users:

  • Attend a live session hosted by OSP on managing Grants in Workday which goes into additional details on the processes
  • Attend demonstrations at their college where they can “test drive” some of the new system features

Principal Investigator (PI) users:

  • Receive communications about using the new PI portal and what it means for their work
  • Attend demonstrations where they can see some of the new system features
April - December 2020

Faculty users:

  • Click links shared in onCampus Today and watch a video on changes to expenses, vacation requests, and how to view one's payslip; there is excitement because these videos can be viewed on a phone; faculty also receive information from their HRBP and Chair.
  • Attend in-person seminars hosted by OSP on how to review Grants in Workday and are provided with links to videos they can watch on their own time
  • Receive an email to take a 5 question survey on how the transition to Workday is going
  • Attend additional demonstrations at their college where they can “test drive” new system features

Principal Investigator (PI) users:

  • Click links shared in onCampus Today and watch a video on changes to travel expenses, vacation requests, and how to view one's payslip; there is excitement because these videos can be viewed on a phone
  • Attend additional demonstrations where they can see some of the new system features
  • Participates in an instructor led training on the new PI portal while also engaging with several eLearnings on how to work with Grants in Workday
Go-Live! and beyond

Faculty users:

  • Feel ready to use the system; while they might not know how to do everything in Workday, they know where to go for help
  • Access a personalized online platform and search for “travel,” which pulls up a quick video on how to submit a travel request and submits it through Workday
  • Continue to have access to on-demand training materials, after go-live, for reference when they have questions; as Workday is updated, they receive an email when the updates affect them

Principal Investigator (PI) users:

  • Receive a notification via Outlook that an effort certification needs to be completed; clicking the link in an email navigates to Workday.; job aids are linked in the task within the Workday inbox to help complete the task