Faculty and Principal Investigators

Workday will help faculty and Principal Investigators complete Buckeye business efficiently. That means you’ll have reliable, real-time information in one system.

Below is a To-Do List followed by additional resources to help Ohio State faculty and Principal Investigators get ready for Workday.


Faculty Launch To-Do List
Campus Faculty To-Do List
  1. Log in to workday.osu.edu for your first look at Workday!
  2. Start at your Workday profile to confirm the information outlined below. Click the cloud icon in the top right corner and click View Profile.
    • Click the Team icon to view your manager and/or direct reports. Notify your manager or HR Consultant if an update needs to be made.
    • Click Summary. If your location is incorrect, please notify your manager as they have the ability to update.
    • Click Benefits to view benefit elections, dependents and beneficiaries. Update if necessary.
    • Click Pay to view where your first payslip in Workday will appear, as well as your direct deposit information (called Payment Elections in Workday). Update if necessary.
    • Click Contact to view home address, emergency contacts and more. Update if necessary.
    • Click Personal to view name, date of birth and more. Update if necessary.
  3. Know how to get help with Workday.

[Archive: 15-Day List – PDF version]

 [Archive: 30-Day List – PDF version]

[Archive: 60-Day List – PDF version]