Inbox and Notifications



The “inbox” is one of the primary sources for tasks that require action in Workday. The inbox is always located in the top right corner of the system, in a static toolbar, and can also be accessed from the body of the homepage. Similar to text messages or emails on a smart phone, the inbox icon includes a color circle with a number indicating how many unread items are in the inbox.

There are two sections within the inbox – the Actions tab and the Archive tab:

  • Actions – This is where the tasks and business processes assigned to each person will appear, requiring action to complete.
  • Archive – The Archive tab captures the history of recent tasks.



“Notifications” are alerts from business processes citing specific progress in the workflow. Notifications are nice-to-know updates separate from the inbox. The notifications icon is located in the static toolbar at the top, right next to the inbox icon, and also includes a circled number indicating unread notifications.

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