The Enterprise Project is a business transformation that will improve the Ohio State experience and advance operational excellence through Workday and other modern, effective services and technology.

Change Leaders can access the Change Leadership page for tips, tools and resources to help with change leadership in their colleges, hospitals or business units.

ChangE Leadership

Benefits for University and Wexner Medical Center Leadership

Through modern systems and more efficient processes, the Enterprise Project will help you focus your work day on what matters most to you. For university and Wexner Medical Center leaders, that means integrating administrative data into a single system, which will help you make important business decisions.


A single system for finance, HR, payroll and student information that will ensure all Buckeyes have a consistent, high-quality administrative experience.


Workday will enable more concentrated efforts in executing the institution’s Time and Change strategic plan and drive the teaching and learning, research, service and patient care missions.


Robust reporting and analytics features will assist university leadership in making sound business decisions while enhancing collaboration and alignment.

Leadership FAQs

How will the Enterprise Project advance my unit’s strategic goals?

The Enterprise Project is a key initiative under the Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship pillar of the Time and Change strategic plan. Increasing operational excellence will help all colleges, hospitals and units meet their strategic goals. 

Who from my unit is involved in the Enterprise Project?

The Enterprise Project team includes faculty and staff from across the institution. In particular, Senior Fiscal Officers and Senior Human Resource Professionals are key partners for the project team and can be points of contact for university leaders. 

Use this link to review the full list of answers to frequently asked questions.