Workday will help leaders focus on what matters most – completing Buckeye business efficiently – through reliable, real-time information for HR, finance, supply chain and payroll, all woven together in one system. You’ll have the information you need to make a truly informed decision.

Learn more about what’s changing for leaders and how those changes will be implemented over the coming months.

Whats Changing with Workday

What's Changing For Leaders


Technology Changes Overview for Leaders

Today, I use:Tomorrow, I will use:
  • eLeave, eTravel, eProfile (Peoplesoft), eRequests (University)
  • Support staff for entering expense reports and booking travel and helping to purchase items
  • HRA or Green Action
  • Excel and other reporting tools
  • PCS
  • Workday desktop and mobile app
    • I can enter in my own expense reports, book my own travel and purchase my own items, but I also can do these things the way I did before Workday (e.g., delegating to my admin or desginee) 

Strategic HR

  • I will partner with my HR Business Partner (HRBP) to develop a long-term talent strategy for the units I serve, including, but not limited to, talent forecasts and development, succession planning, inclusion and diversity.
  • We will have checkpoints where discuss our progress to plan and adjust as needed. We will use Workday reports to help us inform these conversations.
  • When an employee departs from my organization, my HRBP is a thought partner on how to appropriately backfill the role.


  • I can enter and correct employee time in Workday, increasing efficiency and consistency for accurate timekeeping (non-Health System only).
  • I will receive a notification when my employees submit a spend authorization for travel.
  • I will recieve a notification when anyone in my unit creates a job requistion for a new role or to backfill an existing role.
  • I must approve purchasing items of a certain threshold based on updated policy.

Report Access

  • I will have access to dashboards, including unit-level managerial reports, audit reports and calendars and other tools that increase the visibility, insight, analysis, and decision-making regarding faculty and staff, budgets, and other fiscal transactions.
  • I will have increased visibility and insight into administrative information about my unit. My leadership team and I use Workday tools--dashboards, managerial reports, calendars, time tracking reports and more--to inform decision making.


  • Unit faculty expenses post to our general ledger at the nine-month rate instead of the12-month rate, which allows me to budget for this population over a nine-month period. 
  • Employee fringe will be collected at the nine-month rate. This practice aids in grant billing, simplification of payouts for terminations, and timely collection of fringe benefits.
  • We continue to distribute PCard to faculty and staff at our discretion (university only).
  • Budgeting for Capital Projects will be set-up during the Capital Intake process in Adaptive Insights.


High Level Change Journey

January - April 2020


  • Attend a kickoff meeting hosted by their HRBP
  • Attend multiple demonstrations, scheduled by Change Coordinators in their college and unit where they “test drive” some of the new system features

April - December 2020


  • Meet with unit SFO and HRBP to review demos of what reports are available to them in Workday
  • Ensure unit administrative assistants attend a training on how to access key functionality in Workday

Go-Live! and beyond


  • Feel ready to use the pertinent part of the new system and support/help their staff do the same; while they might not know how to do everything in Workday, they know where to go for help
  • Easily work with VP/dean and HRBP, upon departue of any direct reports or other key staff, to discuss next steps; while also working with unit admin to open the job requisition in Workday