Ohio State at Workday Rising: Confirming, Learning and Leading

From October 9 through October 12, Financials Project team members attended the annual Workday Rising conference in Chicago, where attendees “connect, collaborate and celebrate” with other members of the Workday community. The conference, attended by business and education users, offered both confirmation of our current direction and insights we can learn from.

The project team has compiled these key takeaways, which confirmed many of our initial findings and validated the foundational work we have begun.

We confirmed three core aspects of our project that will be key to success:

  1. Good governance around reporting is key to determining the reports to be developed and used before implementation. We have prioritized reporting as a critical part of our project.
  1. Workday Finance benefits from HR and Student voices. The diverse coalition of our project team was confirmed by other institutions who found that including project team members with experience not just with Finance but also with HR and Student systems allows the team to look at functionality with an eye to the future benefit of other systems, whether they are replaced by a Workday solution or not.
  1. Planning for maintaining Workday is just as important as planning to implement it. Surprisingly, many organizations waited until the end to determine the ongoing support model after a Workday Finance implementation. They learned it was a big mistake. Our project team is addressing this early – within the Operational Design phase of our project.

We learned about managing a new release schedule:

As a cloud service, Workday does not have big, disruptive upgrades every few years. Rather, it releases updates two times a year (in September and March). It is one of the great benefits that the selection committee saw in choosing this tool but also a significant change to the way we have worked in the past. We learned from other Workday users about how they manage this schedule to ensure a smooth experience for their users.

We are leading accessibility enhancements:

Although already a user-friendly and intuitive application, Workday will soon be adding new functionality to increase accessibility and usability. We take accessibility very seriously at Ohio State and representatives from OSU are consulting with Workday developers to improve the interface for all users, regardless of abilities.

Do have any questions about the project or Workday Finance? We want to hear them! Contact us at: financialsproject@osu.edu.