Leadership Engage Stakeholder Community During Enterprise Project Kickoff

By now you’ve probably heard a lot about the Enterprise Project, the initiative that will transform the way Ohio State does business over a five-year span. Our core finance, human resources, payroll, student, data warehouse, operational data store and reporting systems will be replaced with Workday.

The Enterprise Project is more than just changing technologies — Ohio State business processes are changing too.

Provost Bruce McPheron, Chief Financial Officer Geoff Chatas and several university vice presidents engaged an audience of over 500 attendees during the March 23 project kickoff and explained their vision for the Enterprise Project in detail.

“This truly is an opportunity for us to re-imagine how we’re going to operate and what we’re going to be.” said Provost McPheron. “It’s not in the hands of faculty alone, it’s not about the students alone. It’s about our entire community—each of us taking the responsibility to move forward.”

The kickoff event helped underscore the importance of committed leadership and collaboration across the university during the project.

While the new Workday system is a part of the overall change, there is a larger opportunity to rethink how we work, said Geoff Chatas. “The exciting thing to me today is, how do we together envision this future? How do we avoid the trap that many other universities have fallen into? Others have implemented software, but not made the necessary transformation. We could just flip the switch, and say ‘Great, we have a new system,’ but our goal is to take advantage of this historic moment to propel the strategic plan.”

While we are highlighting process changes over technology changes, that doesn’t diminish technology’s importance. Vice President and CIO Mike Hofherr’s comments address that IT is important, but we need to simplify it and make sure it isn’t an obstacle.

"Technology should be seamless and transparent,” says Mike. “You shouldn't have to over think it or worry about it and Workday is a big step towards that transparency.”

Be sure to take a moment to review the media section of the project site that shares the recording of the Enterprise Project event. Links are provided to allow you to jump to individual speaking parts from our university leaders.

Project questions can be also be sent to the enterprise-project@osu.edu mailbox.