Livestream Video Shares Enterprise Project Progress with University Community

The Enterprise Project is a business transformation and system implementation that will leverage Workday to enable Ohio State’s teaching, research, service and patient care missions. It includes replacing Ohio State’s core administrative technology, transforming business processes and improving decision-making through trusted data.

The Enterprise Project is in the Plan and Foundational Design Phase, which will run through July 2017. On May 31, 2017, project leaders hosted a livestream broadcast to update audiences on the project and answer their questions in real time. If you missed the May 31 Enterprise Project livestream broadcast, you can check it out now via this YouTube link.

Presiding project leaders and their areas of expertise included: John Hrusovsky (Executive Lead and Project Director), Michael Anderson (Project Management), Dave Kieffer (Enablement), Anne Massaro (Organizational Change Management) and Holly Ross and Natalie Sisto Means (Business Transformation).

Use the links in the YouTube video description to skip to specific portions of the detailed phase review. Be sure to check the online FAQs page for answers to questions asked during the session.

The May 31 event differs from the March 23 project kickoff, which featured Executive Sponsors Provost Bruce McPheron and Chief Financial Officer Geoff Chatas. Revisit the kickoff video from the media section of the project site.

Project questions can also be sent to the mailbox at any time.