Creating the Future through Detailed Design Sessions

The key activities of the Enterprise Project’s Architect phase have been initiated, working to align strategic direction, system requirements and business process designs. A central component in achieving this goal will be design sessions, during which participants will create future state business process flows, taking into account additional considerations such as system integrations, conversions and reporting requirements.

Ohio State’s Enterprise Project is a business process transformation and system implementation that will leverage Workday and other enterprise technologies to enable Ohio State’s mission and strategic plan.

All Ohio State business processes will go through design sessions. The objective of the various design sessions is to draft detailed process flows based on the outcomes from the Plan and Foundational Design phase and business process transformation workshops. Design sessions will generally follow a four-step process that begins with the Enterprise Project team and gradually progresses to involve more and more stakeholders in review and validation.

Design session participants will identify and answer outstanding design questions, note technology requirements and update process documents, resulting in the creation of one holistic solution design package. Solution design packages will include:

  • Reporting, integration, conversion and system disposition requirements
  • Policy and service delivery recommendations
  • Known change impacts
  • System gaps

These packages will then be reviewed and validated by both subject matter experts (SMEs) and advisory and project governance groups. This collaboration ensures changes in process and policy are accurately tracked and addressed. Additionally, design packages will be approved by process owners and business owners.

Design sessions will tentatively take place through February 2018 for finance, HR and payroll processes, and through December 2018 for student processes. Once the design sessions are completed, the project team will be prepared to move toward configuration, during which new process designs will be brought to life in Workday and other systems.

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