Business Process Transformation Workshops

Across Ohio State, dedicated staff are collaborating with the Enterprise Project to design future state business processes that will better serve the university community. Recognizing the successful implementation of a new system is built on strong business process design, the Enterprise Project established working groups to streamline and simplify business processes.

The Enterprise Project is a business process transformation and system implementation that will leverage Workday and other enterprise technologies to advance Ohio State’s mission and strategic plan.

Senior Vice President for Talent, Culture and Human Resources and Enterprise Project Executive Sponsor Susan Basso reinforced the strategy of reviewing and refining the university’s business processes. Basso joined Ohio State earlier this fall to lead Human Resources, and has managed three other enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations throughout the course of her career.

“I think the lesson learned for me throughout these different ERP implementations has truly been, we cannot treat these like technology implementations,” said Basso at the recent Architect Phase Community Forum. “They really need to be treated like true business process transformations because you can spend a lot of money on fancy technology, but if you implement it over flawed process, you’re not really gaining anything.”

All finance, HR, payroll and student business processes will be redesigned to streamline processes and enhance experiences by optimizing new technology. A handful of processes were selected for deeper improvement efforts, called business process transformation (BPT) workshops. These multi-day workshops apply a combination of process improvement methodologies, analytics and industry-leading practices in a design process driven by providing the best service experience for the Ohio State community.

University leadership selected BPT opportunities to help the university become more operationally effective given Workday’s functionality or to significantly advance Ohio State’s Time and Change strategic plan. BPT areas include:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Comprehensive capital investments
  • Recruit to hire
  • Non-employee populations
  • Undergraduate academic advising
  • Student relationship and experience management

BPT workshops employ continuous improvement methodologies to understand the complexities of the current state and identify process design enhancements, eliminating inefficiencies and “pain points” to add value for students, faculty and staff. The Enterprise Project team assists in isolating issues, raising questions and outlining improvement goals. The team defines a customer-centric vision for success and uses a “clean sheet approach” (building from a blank slate) to design the ideal process, based on industry-leading business practices.

BPT Director Natalie Sisto Means acknowledges this work can be both challenging and rewarding as participants are eager to share perspectives and contribute ideas.

“The type of work we’re asking [participants] to do is difficult, and [they] have stepped up in a big way to co-create the future,” said Sisto Means. “I’m really motivated by [their] enthusiasm.”

The workshops also strengthen participants’ process design skills, which will help foster a culture of continuous improvement at Ohio State.