Ohio State Shares Lessons Learned, Gains Insights at Workday Rising

Members of the Ohio State community, including university leaders, Enterprise Project team representatives and interested stakeholders, attended the Workday Rising conference in Chicago, IL, on October 9-12.

Workday Rising is an annual opportunity to bring Workday customers together to share new product developments and features. Customers are also able to connect with peer organizations that are implementing or maintaining Workday for their finance, HR and student information and processes.

“Ohio State had an important presence at this year’s Workday Rising,” said John Hrusovsky, director of the Enterprise Project. “Our team learned so much from Workday and other organizations, and we were highly sought out by peers to share our business process transformation approach and lessons learned so far.”

Enterprise Project leaders led two presentations at Workday Rising. The first, “How Ohio State is Earning an A+ for Business Process Transformation,” detailed how the university is transforming business processes before implementing new technology to ensure optimal results for the Ohio State community.



Ohio State also led a presentation alongside the University of Rochester to detail our experience as a pioneer institution implementing Workday Student.

“We chose Workday because it is student centric,” said University of Rochester Registrar Nancy Specht. “We looked at other options, but Workday was student centric from the beginning and that was important to us.”



Workday Rising participants from Ohio State came back with a bevy of information that will support the Enterprise Project, including:

  • new Workday cloud and data analytics functionality, which Ohio State will evaluate to determine if they could improve operational efficiencies;
  • peer contacts through small group and individual conversations, ranging from best practices in user testing to strategies and lessons learned in change management;
  • tips and tricks on how to utilize Workday Community to maximize opportunities that will support Ohio State’s operational goals; and
  • validation that several Enterprise Project activities are best in class, from preparing ongoing enterprise technology governance to our business process transformation approach.

For more information about Workday Rising, please visit workdayrising.com.