Spotlight on the Human Resources and Payroll Workstream

As the state’s fifth largest employer, The Ohio State University provides more than 40,000 faculty and staff with opportunities to grow and thrive. The university is committed to cultivating a workplace culture that attracts, supports and retains quality talent. As a result, the operations within the human resources (HR) and payroll “workstream” were included in the scope of the Enterprise Project’s vision to transform the way the university does business.

The Enterprise Project is a business process transformation and system implementation that will leverage Workday and other enterprise technologies to advance Ohio State’s mission and strategic plan. The HR and payroll workstream is dedicated to improving foundational HR and payroll data, and standardizing business practices.

The HR and payroll processes will harness Workday as one accessible system to champion the ease of simplified transactions. A streamlined and unified system allows users to gain greater insights into HR and payroll data, minimizing errors and encouraging transparency.

All HR and payroll processes will go through detailed design sessions to define process flows, taking into account system requirements, integrations and conversions. In addition, two processes were identified by university leadership for concentrated efforts in business process transformation:

  • Recruit to hire
  • Non-employee populations


HR managers and representatives collaborated to determine a group of guiding principles in creating the future state of HR and payroll management. The overarching goal of many of the process improvements is to establish consistency. Newly recruited talent will begin their Ohio State tenure by participating in a consolidated onboarding opportunity. Improved business processes will aspire for pay equity and visible career paths, which will enhance the faculty and staff experience.

From a leadership perspective, effective management will ensure appropriate transparency amongst teams and empower individuals to drive accountability.

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