Ensuring One Source of Truth Through Data Governance

The goal is to have great data.

As Ohio State’s Enterprise Project unfolds, the Data Governance team is ensuring the university’s data is poised to support business intelligence, analytics and reporting moving forward.

The Enterprise Project is a business process transformation and system implementation that will leverage Workday and other enterprise technologies to enable Ohio State’s mission and strategic plan. The project presents Ohio State with an opportunity to foster a collaborative and transparent approach to institutional data.

Building on the data management efforts of the university analytics community, the Enterprise Project is weaving sound data governance principles into re-designed business processes. By doing so, the university will have reliable data from the onset, which can then be easily monitored for accuracy and consistency. This practice also allows the university to mitigate risk associated with compliance and security.

Data is an institutional asset that should develop trust and confidence. Formally structured data and accompanying data resources will prove useful in making informed decisions. Additionally, data governance encourages greater user education and outreach services, which will help Ohio State evolve to a more data literate university.

Data Governance & Policy Lead Laura Gast believes that understanding the university’s data is foundational to improving data quality.

“In many cases, you can’t just go fishing and understand how to apply data,” said Gast. “We need to provide the right support mechanisms for our users, and that helps the transparency and usefulness of our data.”

Data governance ultimately leads to quality data, solidifying one source of truth for one university.

For more information about the Enterprise Project’s governance solutions, please visit the project’s Enablement webpage.