Ohio State Collaborates with Workday Developers

Leaders from the Enterprise Project who focus on student processes and systems traveled to Pleasanton, CA, on November 6–8 for the unique opportunity to work directly with Workday product developers.

The Enterprise Project team has been working with Workday product developers from a distance throughout the Plan and Foundational Design phase and into the Architect phase. The two groups met to cover the core student-facing business processes and accompanying system requirements.

Face-to-face discussions with the product developers, those charged with building the Workday Student product, allowed our Workday partners to better understand Ohio State’s student-centered administrative needs. The developers were able to ask more detailed questions about the university’s business operations, and hear real case scenarios of student, faculty and staff system experiences.

Ohio State representatives Tony Newland, Misty Lenhart and Beth McGuffey provided a high-level overview of the business process transformation workshops that have been taking place over the last several months: Student Relationship and Experience Management (SREM), Undergraduate Academic Advising and the impacts to student processes and systems by Accounts Receivable.

Workday leaders then presented a functional update, which included topics such as universal ID and integrations of historical data. The teams also spent time in focused breakout sessions which included:

  • Non-credit experiential learning
  • Engagement and recruiting
  • Student records and advising
  • Financial aid
  • Student financials
  • OnBase integration

A special breakout session concentrated on the case management scenarios identified through the business process transformation workshops.

As expected, a significant portion of the conversations addressed the delivery timing for specific Workday features. Both teams shared the commitment of expanding on the positive momentum of the Pleasanton meeting as the project moves deeper into the Architect phase.