Message from the Executive Sponsors

New Governance Structure


Thank you for your continued contributions to the Enterprise Project.

As we discussed during a town hall today, we are simplifying the governance structure to streamline decision-making and ensure that there is strong alignment between the business processes and technical needs of the project.

We are implementing these changes after hearing strong feedback from you and your colleagues that we could improve the organization of this project. Some of these changes will take place immediately, while others will be determined as we complete the Architect Phase.

To summarize the action we are taking:

  • Executive Sponsors:
    • Mike Hofherr (OCIO) and Mark Larmore (Wexner Medical Center) are joining the sponsors group to better reflect the scope of the project.
  • Project leadership:
    • We have appointed Mike Anderson (OCIO) as project director, paired with Natalie Sisto Means (Accenture). They will report to the Executive Steering Committee.
  • Executive Steering:
    • We will be scaling back the size of Enterprise Steering as part of our effort to streamline decision-making and strengthen our alignment with the university’s business processes. Executive Steering will take its place. At the same time, we will be establishing a new advisory group to the project leaders that will encompass the current expertise contained in Enterprise Steering. We will be finalizing these details soon.
  • Work streams:
    • As we complete the Architect phase, Mike Anderson and Natalie Sisto Means will be working with Executive Steering to reshape work streams and identify co-leaders for each project area: Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, Student, Information Technology, Organizational Change and Business Analytics and Reporting. Decisions about those appointments will be made over the next few weeks.

We recognize that change can be stressful, especially with a project of this size and scope. So let us be clear that we are making these changes now because we want to build on the many aspects of this project that are going well.

We appreciate the work and dedication of the Enterprise Project team across the university and are taking this moment to ensure we are on the best path forward.

Thank you.

Bruce A. McPheron, Executive Vice President and Provost

Michael Papadakis, Interim Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Susan Basso, Senior Vice President for Talent, Culture and Human Resources