2/16/18 Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the Ohio State Community

Feedback Friday web bannerFeedback Friday posts address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page: https://enterprise-project.osu.edu/contact.

Why does the Enterprise Project team include representatives from the Wexner Medical Center?

Many project team members are originally from business areas, including the Wexner Medical Center, that will be directly affected throughout the duration of the project. These contributed members are incredibly valuable to the project because they lend first-hand insight into Ohio State processes and practices, help align project work to support business area strategies and serve as a bridge between the project and the business areas.

To ensure the distinct needs of medical center employees are heard and represented, Mark Larmore, chief financial officer for the Wexner Medical Center, has joined the Executive Sponsors group. Read more about the project’s recent leadership and governance changes.

Will the project achieve the expected level of business transformation?

The project is on track to achieve the expected level of transformation and project team members are working closely with the business units to manage key dependencies for transformation initiatives.

Throughout the Enterprise Project, there will be varying levels of change across the institution. Each individual will have a unique experience depending on their use of current processes and systems. In some areas, the right level of transformation is to create consistent processes and data, while in other areas, the university is striving for more significant changes.

Can we receive updates on where individual groups stand?

The Enterprise Project team has been regularly engaged with areas and groups across the university to provide information and answer questions. For example, project team members have presented to the Council of Deans, the Senior Business Officers and the Association of Graduate and Professional Administrators, among others. We have also fulfilled special requests from colleges and units to present during their standing meetings, and welcome the opportunity to visit with your business area to address unique needs and questions. Please email enterprise-project@osu.edu if you and your colleagues would like to schedule a presentation.

If you are interested in receiving project news directly in your email inbox, please subscribe to the Enterprise Project Digest. This monthly newsletter was launched to inform the university community about the project’s foundational purpose and latest developments. Project updates are also communicated through existing channels such as NewsLink, onCampus and Wexner Medical Center This Week.