Transforming Ohio State Data through Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Strong business intelligence, analytics and reporting (BAR) at Ohio State will enable a culture of data-driven decisions through accurate and accessible information. This concept is woven throughout the Enterprise Project’s work to implement modern systems and design more efficient business processes.

The university’s current data storage and reporting tools will be replaced with Workday Analytics and the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE).

Workday Analytics

  • Much of the university’s reporting needs can be accomplished through toolsets available within Workday, including pre-built reports for transactional and operational data
  • Workday has three primary tools for reporting and analytics: Reporting, Worksheets and Prism
  • Workday Prism will provide some capabilities to import and blend data from other systems alongside Workday data

Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE)

  • The RAE, powered by Amazon Web Services, will hold all data that may be needed for extended and detailed analytics
  • Tableau Server will be used for data visualization within the RAE
  • Historical PeopleSoft data, as well as data from other systems that will not be converted to the new Workday format, will be loaded to the RAE
  • The RAE will provide capabilities for data analysts to bring additional datasets into the system for deep, cross-functional analytics

Some aspects of the new reporting and analytics tools, including Workday Analytics, will not be available until Ohio State implements Workday. Others, such as Tableau Server, will be available prior to the Workday deployment. More information on those tools will be available throughout the next several months.

Underpinning both toolsets will be the Data Cookbook, which is a web-based data governance platform that will manage data definitions and other information. The Data Cookbook will be available to anyone in the Ohio State community who is interested in keeping our data accurate and consistent across the institution.

Workday Analytics and the RAE will strive to address the Ohio State community’s data analytics needs, including:

  1. Reporting: The vast majority of analytic needs will be produced using pre-built, prompt driven and filterable reports.
  2. Dashboards: Key summary data and metrics will be delivered through dashboards, scorecards and other data visualizations.
  3. Discovery: Data analysts will be able to access and combine data for ad-hoc and deep analysis.

The Enterprise Project team is establishing initial standards for report design, and is currently working to develop training modules and classes to help the Ohio State community learn all aspects of the new reporting solutions.

Please use the contact form to submit questions, comments or feedback about Workday Analytics and the RAE.