2/23/18 Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the Ohio State Community

Feedback Friday web bannerFeedback Friday posts address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page: https://enterprise-project.osu.edu/contact.

What decisions are being made for which we have to prepare our organization? What can we expect in terms of impact to individual areas?

There are business process and technology decisions that need to be made before impacts to individual areas and groups can be properly assessed. The Executive Sponsors recently announced program changes to better support project governance and decision making. As information is solidified, it will be shared through existing communication channels from central business units and other areas. Project decisions are also being posted on the Key Decisions webpage.

How will this work truly affect staff?

The Enterprise Project will affect staff in different ways, depending on the role of the individual employee. Those who frequently use administrative systems to do their jobs (core users) will be heavily impacted. As well, supervisors and managers will use Workday for all recruiting and hiring processes, onboarding and, eventually, performance management. Staff who use administrative systems on a casual basis (request vacation and sick leave, view paychecks, etc.) will not be as heavily impacted.

When and how long will training be, specifically for human resources (HR) professionals? How will people be held accountable for learning the new enterprise system?

Ohio State is currently socializing the Enterprise Project learning approach with project stakeholders. Varied training delivery methods are a keystone of the approach. Core users, including HR professionals, will need more training than those who view paychecks and request leave time (casual users). Role-based training curricula will be determined in the Configure and Prototype phase of the project. More details on training length and timeline will be available after the curricula are created. Please review the project’s Important Dates for more information on what to expect through the initial Workday deployment.

We will work with our Change Coordinators, the project’s key liaisons identified in each college and unit, to encourage faculty and staff to complete training. Please use the contact form to request information on a college or unit Change Coordinator. Training participation will be tracked and communicated on a regular basis as we approach the initial Workday deployment.