Governance Structure Update

The Enterprise Project Executive Sponsors recently announced a streamlined governance structure, which will promote business-led decision making. 

Please note this update is limited to project governance and does not impact the Enterprise Project team organizational structure. The Executive Sponsors will continue to review the project’s organizational structure and will communicate updates as they are available.


Moving forward, there will be three core levels of decision governance: Executive Sponsors Group, Executive Steering Committee and Business Process Committees. Advisory Groups will continue to support all areas of the Enterprise Project. Decision authority will reside with the Business Process Committees (including their respective Business Owners), and decisions will be escalated to the Executive Sponsors Group via Business Advocates, as needed.

The new governance model also reflects a greater emphasis on Supply Chain Management as a critical business area, particularly in Wexner Medical Center operations, as well as a focus on shared services models across workstreams.

Visual of Governance Structure


Executive Sponsors Group

The Executive Sponsors Group will establish the project’s vision and strategic direction; approve goals, scope and budget; and resolve material issues.

Vice Provost Student Academic Success and Dean of Undergraduate Education Beth Hume will join the Executive Sponsors. Dr. Hume will serve as a proxy for Executive Vice President and Provost Bruce McPheron, and will be the lead sponsor for student business processes. Provost McPheron will remain an Executive Sponsor across all project areas.

Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee will have a limited membership of Business Owners and Business Advocates. Business Owners are university and Wexner Medical Center senior leaders (selected by the Executive Sponsors) overseeing a business functional area within the project’s scope. View a list of the project’s Business Owners on the Project Team webpage.

Business Advocates are individuals selected by the Executive Sponsors. This new role, created by and reporting to the Executive Sponsors, will ensure decisions are driven by business leaders, including Process Owners, Business Owners and Executive Sponsors. Business Advocates will work closely with the Executive Sponsors to keep them informed and engaged in the project, and will work alongside project leadership, Business Owners and Process Owners.

Those serving in the new Business Advocates role will be Jeff Allen (Student), Tracey Pawlowski (HR/Payroll), Holly Ross (Finance/Supply Chain) Dave Kieffer (IT/BAR) and Kathy Robson (Wexner Medical Center).

Business Process Committees

The Business Process Committees are groups that previously served in advisory capacities, including Business Sponsors Advisory Group (BSAG, for student), HR/Payroll Advisory, Finance Advisory, BAR Advisory and Architecture Advisory. These advisory groups have been formalized into Business Process Committees, which will develop solutions in collaboration with the project team for their business processes.

Advisory Groups

In addition to the three governance bodies, Advisory Groups will consult with their respective teams, as necessary, throughout the project. Advisory Groups will include, but not limited to: Risk, Compliance, Legal and Internal Audit; Faculty; Student; Enterprise Security; and Organizational Change Management.

Please direct any questions about the Enterprise Project’s governance structure to