Ohio State Continues Designing, Building Workday Environment

The Enterprise Project is making great progress in bringing Workday, a modern administrative system, to Ohio State’s business operations.

The project’s Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll areas have moved into the Configure and Prototype phase. The overarching goal of this phase is to build Ohio State’s Workday environment using the business processes designed during the Architect phase. This work will ultimately shape Ohio State’s Workday environment, or “tenant,” for testing.

For Student processes and systems, the next phase will include both design (Architect) and build (Configure and Prototype) aspects that align to Workday Student functionality releases. Moving forward, each release of new Workday Student functionality (which occurs at least every six months) will include iterative design and build activities.  

Processes will be configured in Workday using an iterative approach. There are a number of intertwined activities that will influence how the tenant is built, including finalizing process workflows and ensuring existing data is ready to transition to Workday. Parallel activities include developing training curriculums for end users.

The business areas in scope for the project are in various stages of design- and build-focused efforts.

  • Finance and Supply Chain Management – The Finance and Supply Chain Management teams began holding customer confirmation sessions (CCS). The purpose of these sessions is to bring together stakeholders to verify the business process designs, built during the Architect phase, using the Workday tenant. This effort is intended to capture feedback on how well these new processes will work in the Ohio State environment.
  • HR and Payroll – In preparation to build the Workday environment, the HR and Payroll workstreams are configuring business processes and finalizing related decisions. The project is also worked closely with the Office of Human Resources to coordinate process designs with the HR Strategic Plan and HR Service Delivery initiative.
  • Student – For student services, the team will design business processes that align with available Workday student functionality releases, configure business processes and finalize related decisions. Aspects of the Workday Student product are still in development, so this approach enables the Student team to work in smaller increments by assessing newly released functionality, designing an ideal process and then building that process in Workday.
  • IT and Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting (BAR) – The project’s technology and data analytics teams are gearing up to build infrastructure for secure connections and efficient access to institutional data. This includes data conversion, data integration, reports and instituting a data governance process.
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM) – Communications, engagement and training are important to all aspects of the project. The OCM team will spend Configure and Prototype developing role-based training curriculums, engaging the Change Network and developing a marketing campaign for the first Workday releases.