A Day in the Life of Israt

Israt Herminghuysen
The Enterprise Project will implement modern systems and more efficient processes at Ohio State. "A Day in the Life" shines a light on a featured project team member to showcase the range of activities taking place. Meet the Buckeyes who are breaking barriers and fueling the future of business at Ohio State!

Israt Herminghuysen is the Enterprise Project’s Payroll Business Process Manager. She leads the teams working to streamline and standardize payroll, time tracking and absence management. Given that payroll operations depend on HR data, Israt is also a key partner in ensuring the project’s HR and Payroll areas are in sync.

Here are just a few examples of Israt's day-to-day activities and how she advances operational excellence at Ohio State:

Getting Down to Business

The Business Advocate for HR and Payroll convenes a weekly Business Process Committee meeting for HR and Payroll leaders and Enterprise Project managers. This joint approach ensures Payroll is represented from multiple angles: Israt shares current activities and progress the Payroll team has made, while Payroll leaders provide perspective and input through the lens of the business. Recommendations for key decisions are formed within this group, and with the help of the Business Advocate, challenges can also be escalated upward.

At the beginning of the month, Israt and the HR Business Process Manager presented a plan to document a “bundle,” a collection of work organized into one start-to-finish process for building and testing in Workday. For example, one of the first bundles that the Payroll team will tackle is calendar entry – the process of submitting time worked for biweekly pay within Workday.

Tag Team

Each week, Israt gathers her team to pass along information and discuss priorities. The Payroll team is divided into three sections: Payroll Core, Payroll Accounting and Time Tracking/Absence.

Israt’s agenda for their May 23rd meeting included how to track progress for building processes in Workday, as well as expected timelines. The team discussed employee data in Ohio State's Workday environment, and what data they'll need to review during system testing. Israt also walked her team through a new access request process for Ohio State's Workday environment.

Workday 101

Stakeholders from across the university community are eager to learn more about Workday, the core system that will manage the university’s financial, HR, payroll and student information. Workday 101 sessions are designed to give staff a first look at the basic layout of Workday, explaining universal features like the search bar and the inbox.

At this point in the project, Workday 101 is targeted to staff who have been asked to participate in process or system reviews. Opportunities for the wider university community will be made available before Workday is launched.

Workday 101 for Payroll was held on May 24th, bringing together current Payroll staff for a guided tour of Workday. While the session focused on navigation and core features, Israt and members of her team were in attendance to answer business-specific questions and listen to the initial feedback.

To Do List

The Payroll team, in partnership with university stakeholders, evaluated an opportunity to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the university’s physical time clocks for non-exempt employees (excluding Health System employees). A single time clock product from a Workday-certified vendor will allow the university to eliminate additional systems, utilize delivered Workday functionality and quickly adopt Workday enhancements.

Now, Israt is creating and refining materials that summarize information about the final two vendors. These materials will be distributed to select leaders from the three units using physical time clocks on campus: the Office of Administration and Planning, the Office of Student Life and the Athletics Department. In the coming weeks, a user group from these areas will come together for the first level of discussion to determine which vendor to choose. Israt and her team will facilitate helping these business areas understand the benefits and drawbacks of each vendor so an informed decision can be made.

Go Bucks!

To celebrate the completion of the Architect phase, Israt organized a tour of Ohio Stadium for the Payroll team. The group spent the previous phase designing business process and gathering system requirements. Touchdown, Payroll!

Israt coordinates alignment between the three areas of the Payroll business process team: Payroll Core, Payroll Accounting and Time Tracking/Absence. She also works closely with Ohio State's Payroll leaders to connect the business to the project.