Transformation Team Presents to Advising Community

The direction for the transformation of Ohio State’s undergraduate academic advising was shared with the wider advising community on Tuesday, May 22. The group of academic advisors and student services staff who participated in the business process transformation (BPT) workshops came together once more to report their vision to their peers and colleagues. An estimated 90 attendees joined the read-out either in person or online, demonstrating a significant interest in this ongoing work.

The presentation summarized the tools and enhancements that would significantly improve the quality of academic advising across the institution. BPT participants discussed priority initiatives and key dependencies, and also answered questions from those in attendance.

Assistant Vice Provost John Wanzer opened the session by underscoring how undergraduate academic advising was selected as a transformation opportunity through the Enterprise Project. He then shared the early stages of mapping the current state of academic advising, describing pain points such as breaks/hand-offs in the process, wasted time and resources and uncoordinated communication.

The projects that were outlined include:

  • Piloting a “Success Team” model that would champion holistic and coordinated student support.
  • Creating formalized orientation and First Year Experience hubs for regional campuses.
  • Assessing how advisors might use data in their roles, and developing tools for strategic thinking.
  • Determining a consistent appointment scheduling tool for advisors across colleges.

Notably, it was also communicated that the roles of academic advisors are currently being evaluated as part of the Compensation and Classification Redesign, an ongoing effort to align job responsibilities, titles and salaries.

Elizabeth Kloss, an internship coordinator in the Department of Political Science, attended the read-out to listen to the advancements taking place. Kloss described the future of academic advising as “exciting” and is hopeful for the improvements ahead.

The Undergraduate Academic Advising BPT team shared their vision for the future with their peers and colleagues on Tuesday, May 22.