Building Blocks of Change

The Prosci® ADKAR® model provides a framework for approaching change management. During the early stages of the Enterprise Project, a significant number of project team members participated in a three-day training to understand the ADKAR® methodology. ADKAR® represents five building blocks necessary for change:

  • Awareness (I understand why…) – The change journey begins with understanding why a change is needed. This includes realizing the risk associated with not changing.
  • Desire (I have decided to…) – There must be a personal decision to change. Stakeholders should actively choose to engage and participate in the change.
  • Knowledge (I know how to…) – Once understanding and deciding to change, learning how to change should follow. Developing new skills and training for new tools and processes is part of the “Knowledge” stage.
  • Ability (I am able to…) – Change requires action. Demonstrated capability to implement the change is important in achieving the target performance or behavior.
  • Reinforcement (I will continue to…) –Change must be reinforced to be sustained. It is known that recognition and reward help increase the likelihood that a change will continue.

ADKAR® provides guidance for managing change both at an individual level and at an organizational level. This ADKAR® methodology was developed by Prosci® after studying the change patterns of more than 700 organizations.