Change Coordinator Named Distinguished Staff

Kelly Scheiderer
Change Coordinator Kelly Scheiderer was recently honored with a Distinguished Staff Award. As an administrator for the Ross Heart Hospital and University Hospitals, she continually finds opportunities to further Operational Excellence, including serving as a liaison between her unit and the Enterprise Project. Read on to learn more about her dedication to Ohio State.

How long have you worked at Ohio State and how did you begin your career here?

Almost 32 years!

I went to school here. When I was a student, I ended up working in the Medical Information Management Department. Back then, it was called Medical Records, and so I just stayed on, and then worked in Quality. One of my longtime mentors, Gail Marsh, asked, “Do you like what you’re doing in Quality?” And I said yes, and she said, “Okay, great. Then you’re going to get a master’s degree.” And I went through the same program she did and got a master’s in healthcare administration.

What are your thoughts about the goals of the Enterprise Project?

The Enterprise Project is going to impact everybody. So we need to navigate not being bashful about saying “Hey, something has to change.” We have to work together to figure it out. As we cross departments, that’s how we excel and how we get better.

I think there’s lots of opportunities to not duplicate efforts and to bring everybody on the same page. So I think this project will hopefully help us get those major economies of scale, set up one process for how we do things and make us more cohesive in our practices.

Your leadership of the Health System's Net Revenue Enhancement initiative resulted in $10 million in savings within the first year. How did you launch this effort?

We said let’s get a group of people in the room and brainstorm. Essentially my questions were, “What drives you crazy? What do you know doesn’t work? What are things we do because we’ve always done them?” Let’s look at those inefficiencies and ask how we can make improvements. For this fiscal year, we’ve exceeded $20 million!

There are certainly commonalities between the Net Revenue Enhancement and the Enterprise Project. What keeps you motivated to advance such impactful work?

I have a philosophy of saying yes. I also try to be broader in my thinking than just my role. The university is gigantic. I think there’s a lot of opportunities where people can meet other people, learn what they do and build on that. It just makes for a richer organization.

I am also very much a relationship person. I get my energy and excitement from working with other people. And I think it’s important to be inclusive, trying to make sure people have a voice.

We can always do better. The Enterprise Project is being part of something bigger and leaving Ohio State better than when we started.