Enterprise Project Sponsors Add Suite of Transformation Initiatives

The Enterprise Project’s Executive Sponsors have identified additional opportunities to transform how we do business. Effective June 2018, the Enterprise Project scope has been expanded to include new initiatives that will maximize the university’s effort to advance operational excellence and resource stewardship.

“Through the Enterprise Project, we are truly creating the future of Buckeye business,” said Beth Hume, Vice Provost Student Academic Success, Dean of Undergraduate Education and an Enterprise Project Executive Sponsor. “We will fully leverage this immense opportunity by combining our Workday implementation and these transformation initiatives under one umbrella.”

The following initiatives have been added to the Enterprise Project’s scope:

HR Service Delivery

Ohio State will transform how we deliver HR services to support an exceptional employee experience and clear career pathways for HR professionals.

The university and Wexner Medical Center will implement an HR shared services model. HR professionals will help define future-state HR roles needed to deliver consistent services across central, college/unit and shared services groups. A new HR operating model will launch in early 2020, along with near-term improvements prior to 2020.

Integrated Search and Customer Support

To improve the ease and effectiveness of support services, the university will integrate online searches and customer support technology across business areas.

Ohio State will simplify how we search online for university business information, as well as an integrated process for requesting assistance with finance, HR, payroll, supply chain, student information and technology.

Student Experience and Relationship Management System

Ohio State will implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to improve the university’s communications and engagement with students.

Ohio State’s CRM solution will provide more streamlined, personalized and simplified communications to students—giving them the information they need in the way they want to receive it.

eCommerce Payment System

To improve consistency and leverage efficiencies, Ohio State will implement a single system for electronic payments for university goods and services.

A single electronic payment system across the university will result in a more streamlined and expedited process for setting up a payment website.

Supply Chain Business Transformation

Ohio State, through the Enterprise Project, has an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain operations. The university will implement a common approach to supply chain management and data governance.

Transforming supply chain operations will position the university for success in adopting industry-leading technology, including Workday and Global Health Exchange (GHX).

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) for Campus

The university will implement Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) to be know as Buckeye Buy for procurement. GHX is already being implemented at the Wexner Medical Center for select supply chain operations.

GHX is a world-class, cloud-based supply chain system. It will provide an Amazon-like shopping experience for both campus and the Wexner Medical Center, and the university will gain efficiencies through a standard procurement tool and process.

“The Enterprise Project is a partnership between the university’s business and technology teams, and these new scope items send a clear message that we are jointly committed to advancing the Time and Change strategic plan,” said Dave Kieffer, Associate Vice President for Administrative Applications and Business Advocate for the Enterprise Project’s technology and data analytics efforts.

The new scope items, in addition to the university’s Workday implementation, will be led by the Enterprise Project’s governance structure and project team. The Enterprise Project charter, which outlines the project’s scope, schedule and budget, is being updated to reflect the new suite of transformation initiatives.