8/10/18 Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the Ohio State Community

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Feedback Friday articles address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, meetings, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page.

The Enterprise Project recently hosted an information and feedback session for Senior Fiscal Officers and Finance Managers. Below are some questions received during this session.

What are Cost Center Managers? Who should be a Cost Center Manager?

Cost Center Manager is a Workday security role that has responsibility for a budgeted area of the university. The university is in the process of developing a plan to define who will have this security role.

What is the overlap between Cost Centers and Supervisory Organization hierarchies?

Supervisory Organizations are leveraging the naming conventions for Cost Centers, where appropriate.

What is the schedule and process for requesting assistance with workforce planning? 

Ohio State is in the beginning stages of scoping the support available to colleges and units for workforce planning. More details to come on this topic.