Workday Visits Ohio State

As the largest and most complex higher education institution implementing Workday Student, Ohio State is in the unique position of influencing the development of the Workday Student product. The university is partnering with Workday to identify the technology needed for comprehensive student services.

A team of Workday executives and representatives visited Ohio State’s Columbus campus after the Thanksgiving holiday to work directly with the Enterprise Project’s Student team. The team collaborated with architects from Workday to learn about features that are slated for future release and to discuss potential design requirements.

Liz Dietz, Workday’s vice president of student strategy and product management, was also part of the group spending time on campus. Dietz is responsible for the product strategy and design of Workday Student, and connected with Executive Sponsor Beth Hume.

Workday has delivered several pieces of functionality throughout the year that will better enable student services, including:

  • First iteration of the application for admission.
  • Enhanced capabilities for awarding financial aid and managing financial aid budgets.
  • Third party access for authorized parties to view a student’s Workday account.

Ohio State is engaged in several focus groups established by Workday, including feature design groups and a cohort of R1 institutions, those classified as having the most robust research activity.

This growing partnership empowers Ohio State to serve as a subject matter expert, shaping the product from the ground up. Ohio State and Workday will continue to work side-by-side as the university progresses toward its implementation of Workday Student, with releases scheduled for 2021 and 2022.