1/25/19 Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the Community

Feedback Friday web bannerFeedback Friday articles address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, meetings, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page.

The Enterprise Project team has received several questions surrounding training opportunities. Below are commonly asked questions that pertain to learning and training for Workday.

What can we expect in terms of training and when will it begin?

Training will be offered as early as three months prior to the first release of Workday. Training opportunities will lean heavily on self-service options, but in-person and/or virtual instructor-led training will also be available for many core users.

Will the HR professional from each college and unit be responsible for training their colleagues in Workday? More generally, will colleges and units be responsible for training their faculty and staff?

No. The Enterprise Project's Organizational Change Management (OCM) team will support the development of training for faculty and staff across the university and medical center. In terms of delivery, the OCM team will partner with trainers and other Subject Matter Experts across the university and medical center to deliver training. The OCM team will collaborate with leaders from each area, including HR professionals, to ensure the varying levels of training needs are met.

Will we have access to a "playground" prior to the launch? Is there any in-system training available?

Yes, we are currently building on an established learning approach which includes opportunities to practice in the system both in the classroom (virtual or in-person) as well as in a learning lab environment prior to launch. In addition, in-system assistance is in development.

Some employees may take on different roles in the future which may require new skills. What is the plan for training individuals who take on a new role, especially those who perform process-based functions today?

Enabling our employees to shift their focus will be supported by a coordinated effort of the units, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and the Enterprise Project team.

The project team is gathering information about the roles highly impacted by the future business processes and systems. OHR and the units will then use this information to jointly determine specific training needs beyond the project-provided learning, and deliver that training as needed.