Enterprise Project 2019 in Motion

The Enterprise Project continues to progress across all business areas. Looking ahead, a handful of project initiatives will launch this year prior to the university’s first release of Workday in 2020. High-level project efforts throughout the year include revising university policies, testing Ohio State's Workday prototype and launching a university-wide marketing campaign.

Three project initiatives will take shape in 2019:

E-commerce platform

The university-wide e-commerce platform will provide a common online payment experience for customers and vendors. It will also provide website templates and an integrated payment gateway for revenue-generating activities across various units. For example, a college or unit could use the e-commerce platform to securely accept online payments for summer camp registrations. The Finance business area has started the process of identifying potential vendors for this e-commerce platform.

E-Builder system

E-Builder is a construction project management system. E-Builder will support Ohio State’s Facilities Operations and Development team and others in tracking the design and construction of capital projects.

Reporting and Analytics Environment

Ohio State is building a new Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) to replace the existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Operational Data Stores. The goal of the RAE is to provide a place to create reports and perform analytics with datasets that cross multiple systems (e.g. Workday data, plus data from another system), or require historical data that does not reside in Workday. The RAE will be powered by Amazon Web Services, a cloud platform.

Another area of focus for the year ahead is the influx of university policy work that has stemmed from business process transformations related to the Time and Change strategic plan, business unit priorities and Enterprise Project guiding principles. The Enterprise Project will partner with the Office of University Compliance and Integrity to review proposed policy changes and capture feedback from university leaders and community members.

In the fall, for the Workday modules launching in 2020, the Enterprise Project team will move from building Ohio State’s Workday prototype to testing the prototype. Testing will encompass a range of activities, such as validating system integrations with Workday and verifying business processes have been correctly configured.

All three components of the project’s organizational change management approach – stakeholder engagement, communications and learning – will ramp up as the year unfolds. A university-wide marketing and communications campaign will expand project awareness amongst all faculty, staff and medical center employees shortly after the 2019-20 academic year begins.

This illustration depicts the Enterprise Project activities that will occur throughout 2019.

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