Enterprise Project Establishes Student Advisory Board

Recognizing the significant impact the Enterprise Project will have on students, the project team has established a Student Advisory Board to gather input and feedback directly from students. This group will provide insight into the current student experience, evaluate potential business processes and shape student communications and training throughout the remainder of the project.

Throughout late December and January, the project team identified students with unique perspectives and varying backgrounds to invite them to participate. The Student Advisory Board’s first meeting was held on Monday, February 18. The board currently comprises 15 students who collectively represent the diverse interests and needs of the Ohio State student body.

Beth Hume, vice provost for student academic success, opened the board’s first meeting by underscoring the importance of the Enterprise Project and introducing her role as one of the project’s Executive Sponsors. The students learned about the project’s goals and various initiatives. They also weighed in on a design question posed by the Student business process team regarding specific language they might see in Workday, demonstrating an example of how the board will be asked to inform project decisions.

Moving forward, the Student Advisory Board will serve as a focus group as the project team furthers its work, particularly the effort to implement Workday Student, a product that Ohio State is helping develop for large universities. The board will meet quarterly, with case-by-case opportunities to participate in project discussions and activities.

Student services is one of the business areas within scope for the Enterprise Project. This includes transforming and improving the business processes and technology systems that support admissions, tuition and financial aid, academic advising, student records and the university’s overall approach to student relationship management. This work is driven by a “students first” attitude, decreasing the burden on students to navigate a complex web of steps.