A Day in the Life of Darshana

Darshana Bhuta
The Enterprise Project will implement modern systems and more efficient processes at Ohio State. "A Day in the Life" shines a light on a featured project team member to showcase the range of activities taking place. Meet the Buckeyes who are breaking barriers and fueling the future of business at Ohio State!

Darshana Bhuta is an integrations developer for the Enterprise Project. She creates integrations between Workday and external technology systems to enable a seamless flow of data and provide the necessary information to support business processes. Darshana also collaborates with colleagues and Workday integrations consultants to ensure her integrations satisfy business needs and reflect best practices.

Here are just a few examples of Darshana's day-to-day activities and how she advances operational excellence at Ohio State:

 Listen and Learn

The first step in developing an integration is gathering requirements and details from the integrating partner alongside the business process team.

Darshana participated in an initial discussion in mid-February to start understanding how Workday will integrate with e-Builder, a construction management system. Specifically, she is working on an integration that will allow staff to create supplier invoices for the university’s construction projects. One component of the requirements meeting was outlining the process flow, allowing Darshana to begin identifying the multiple touchpoints between Workday and e-Builder for this particular process.

You've Got Mail!

In addition to building integrations between systems, part of Darshana’s role involves setting up integrations that allow data from one location in Workday to be pulled into another location.

Darshana recently developed a report layout that will leverage Workday data to simplify an HR business process. Currently, when a job position for a classified civil service (CCS) employee is altered, the employee is notified with a hard copy reclassification letter that is manually typed and sent. Using Workday’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool, Darshana built a report layout and then configured an accompanying business process step so that this work will be automatic in Workday.

In the future, once certain business process conditions are met, CCS reclassification letters will be automatically generated, populated with the appropriate Workday data and then delivered as a PDF attachment to the employee’s Workday inbox!

Testing...1, 2, 3

To ensure the delivery of quality work, Darshana performs thorough unit testing for all her integrations. She applies different test scenarios, checking to confirm that the integration meets the requirements in various use cases. If so, she then demonstrates and reviews the integration with the integrating partners and the business process team.

Checks and Balances

The Integrations team conducts peer code reviews to ensure the team is building well-designed integrations. The integrations developers evaluate the code to determine whether it is easily maintained, whether it is scalable and whether it meets Ohio State’s security standards.

One of Darshana’s latest peer code reviews was for an integration that passes information to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services to determine unemployment compensation benefits. She confirmed that the integration follows the necessary design standards and error handling standards, including proper performance enhancing techniques and methods.

Team Talk

The Integrations team stays connected throughout the week by gathering for brief stand-up meetings in Mount Hall. They circle up and cite current integrations in progress and collaborate to address roadblocks.

The Enterprise Project's Integrations team.