Introducing Workday Concepts for Finance and Supply Chain

The Enterprise Project has identified several Workday concepts that will be important for Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals to know. These high-level topics will help core users begin to understand foundational concepts they will find in Workday, the future system for the university's finance, human resources, payroll and student information.

Workday Core Concepts for Finance and Supply Chain

The visual above explains the sequence for the Workday Core Concepts for Finance and SCM: Workday 101, Financial Worktags, Business Processes, Living in Live Data, Reporting, and Security and Delegation.

More than 400 Finance and SCM core users attended Workday 101 for Finance and SCM at the start of the calendar year. The following core concept sessions will be delivered as webinars and are designed to build Workday knowledge prior to next year's training opportunities. 

The next session will focus on the Foundation Data Model (FDM) and will be offered to Finance and SCM professionals in late April. FDM is the structure inside Workday that drives the delineation of Student, Finance and HR data, all in a single system.

A similar series of concepts has also been established for HR professionals. The Workday Core Concepts for HR and the Workday Core Concepts for Finance and SCM will be offered to targeted audiences throughout 2019.