Customer Confirmation Sessions

HR photo collage from Customer Confirmation SessionsA series of customer confirmation sessions took place earlier this month to demonstrate the initial prototype of Finance, HR and Payroll functionality in Ohio State’s Workday environment. More than 60 business owners, process owners and subject matter experts who have been heavily involved in design and configuration activities received a first-hand look at select business processes and transactions.

As part of the official Workday implementation methodology, customer confirmation sessions are intended to validate the work that has been completed thus far to move closer to finalizing business processes. The table below clarifies the purpose of customer confirmation sessions.



Provide a first look at Workday

A debut of the final system

Demonstrate select transactions

A demonstration of full system functionality

Capture feedback on significant concerns

Time to completely redesign a process

Confirm business process designs

Detailed overviews of business processes

Discuss process initiators and approvers

A form of stakeholder testing

Identify additional change management and training needs

A training opportunity

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