Workday Words: Announcements

Workday Words web bannerAs the single system for the university’s finance, supply chain, HR, payroll and student information, Workday introduces a range of cross-functional terms. The “Workday Words” series highlights and defines terminology that will be found in the new core system. For a comprehensive resource, please download the latest Workday glossary.


The "Announcements" section in Workday is denoted by a megaphone.

One of the static sections on Ohio State’s Workday homepage is “Announcements.” This feature allows Ohio State to communicate important information across the university and medical center.

Each announcement appears as a thumbnail visual and a headline, followed by the opening line of the full message. Faculty and staff will click on the announcement to read more, and the announcement will continue to remain visible on the homepage until a pre-set expiration date.

Announcements will inform faculty and staff of significant updates and may encourage follow-up action. Potential announcements might cover emergency weather impacts, open enrollment for benefits and campus-wide event details.