A Day in the Life of Patrick

"A Day in the Life" feature

Patrick Collins
The Enterprise Project will implement modern systems and more efficient processes at Ohio State. "A Day in the Life" shines a light on a featured project team member to showcase the range of activities taking place. Meet the Buckeyes who are breaking barriers and fueling the future of business at Ohio State!

Patrick Collins is a senior business process lead for the Enterprise Project. He manages the teams responsible for designing and configuring processes for financial accounting, endowment accounting, and banking and settlement. Collaboration and communication are critical components to Patrick’s responsibilities. Patrick and his team meet weekly with business leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to demonstrate Workday functionality, confirm future state business processes and provide insight into what their work will look like in Workday. This includes assessing how we will inform, educate and train employees to prepare for the new processes in Workday.

Here are just a few examples of Patrick’s day-to-day activities and how he advances operational excellence at Ohio State:
 Building Business Processes

A business process is a sequence of tasks that accomplishes a desired business objective, such as initiating a payment or creating a new endowment fund. Business processes define the details of how, when and who. During the Architect phase of the Enterprise Project, Patrick and his teams took inventory of the current processes for financial accounting, endowment accounting, and banking and settlement. During the current phase, Configure and Prototype, the teams are working with business experts across the university and Workday consultants to build more efficient processes.

Patrick Collins and team.
Patrick Collins, front and center, surrounded by his hard-working team!

Big Wins

The Finance and Supply Chain workstream took a moment to celebrate a few significant successes with a pizza party! The Enterprise Project recently completed the build and validation of the Configuration and Prototype II tenant. The Finance and Supply Chain workstream also achieved several other important milestones, including internal design reviews and customer confirmation sessions.

Discussion and prioritizing during weekly meetings.
Discussion and prioritizing during weekly meetings.

Reporting for Duty

Many business processes are accompanied by reports that provide a consumable picture of business information. Patrick and his teams identify and gather the necessary requirements for any report associated with one of their assigned processes, and then pass that information along to the appropriate report developer. To finish out the work, they also connect with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to validate that the report built in Workday meets the needs of the business.

Recently, Patrick met with a Workday developer and an accounting manager from The Ohio State University Health Plan to validate balance sheets and income statements that were built in Workday. Through this collaboration, Patrick and his team were able to convert the Health Plan’s current Excel report into a Workday report that uses live data and features the ability to drill further down into the data.

Team Talk

Patrick and his team meet twice a week in short “stand-up” meetings to discuss priorities and to prepare for their weekly presentations to Process Owners. The Business Analysts on Patrick’s teams, Irina Owens, Shane Paul, and Richelle Alamo, prepare slide presentations and Workday demonstrations to explain how Ohio State can leverage leading practices in Workday to drive business excellence.

Additionally, Patrick touches base with the other business process leads for Finance and Supply Chain in a meeting convened by Nysa Stricker, the Finance business process manager. This is an opportunity for the Finance leaders to discuss conversions, unit testing, reports and risks that are occurring across all their functional teams.