Partner Activities with Units and Colleges

The decisions and changes occurring through the Enterprise Project are driven directly by the business areas, requiring a commitment to collaboration from each unit at Ohio State. Individuals across campus and the medical center are helping further project work by executing technical tasks and identifying change management opportunities. A few partner activities are currently underway:

  • Building integrations – There are a number of systems the university will use to fulfill a unique business need outside Workday. Developers are coding integrations for these systems to seamlessly share data back and forth with Workday, ensuring the information is connected to support business analytics.
  • Introducing Workday – Faculty and staff are starting to receive a first look at Workday through "Workday 101" sessions. Those who will use Workday most often in their daily work, also known as core users, were the primary audience for Workday 101 sessions. Now, Changes Coordinators are assisting in coordinating basic Workday 101 sessions for their colleagues.
  • Cleansing data – A comprehensive data clean-up effort is taking place to ensure the data that will move to Workday is up-to-date and accurate. The current focus is on supply chain and HR data. Tax identification numbers and home addresses are two examples of sets of data that are being reviewed in PeopleSoft prior to the first release of Workday.
  • Assessing readiness – A Readiness Checklist launched in early April to gauge and monitor readiness by unit. The checklist tracks tasks related to changes in process and technology, as well as necessary activities to support change management. Each unit will update their respective Readiness Checklist in partnership with the project team moving forward.

For more information about the Enterprise Project's latest activities, please contact your assigned Change Coordinator.