Student Advisory Board Collaborates with Workday Leadership

As the largest and most complex higher education institution implementing Workday Student, Ohio State is in the unique position of shaping the development of the Workday Student product. Last week, leaders and delivery architects from Workday visited campus to discuss future functionality. The Workday team also spent time with the Enterprise Project's Student Advisory Board to highlight pieces of the Workday Student experience.

The project's Student Advisory Board serves as a focus group of Ohio State students who provide feedback about the future business processes, including the implementation of Workday. The board's meeting with Workday representatives opened with remarks from Liz Dietz, vice president of student strategy and product management at Workday, who emphasized the importance of student perspectives. Dylan Pavelko, Workday's director of student product strategy, then demonstrated the mobile capabilities offered by Workday, which will allow students to easily access their student information whenever and wherever.

The students, who represent various backgrounds and academic interests, shared anecdotes from their own student experiences and asked a number of questions about potential system features. They were able to engage in discussion directly with Workday leaders, which will ultimately help influence Workday's product design. As Workday continues to partner with Ohio State, the Student Advisory Board will have more opportunities to voice input and feedback.