User Previews Demonstrate Finance Processes

As Ohio State progresses toward its initial release of Workday, staff who will frequently use the system to support their roles are receiving increased visibility into new system configurations. Most recently, around 150 Finance professionals participated in a “user preview” that demonstrated 15 common business processes related to accounting.

User previews (also known as “stakeholder validation”) allow a broader group of staff to see processes from beginning to end and ask questions to ensure understanding. The Finance user previews will continue throughout the summer and fall, and user previews for other business areas are currently in development.

Members of the Enterprise Project team walked attendees through processes they would typically encounter in their roles as Finance professionals. They viewed processes related to financial plans, split expenses, payroll forward accrual entries and more. The audience also had the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns.

“The Finance user preview session was more than a demonstration of Ohio State’s accounting transactions in Workday—the audience saw how finance policies, processes and systems interact in a new way,” said Kris Devine, vice president of operations and deputy chief financial officer.

Prior to debuting these processes to a larger audience, select leaders and subject matter experts participated in customer confirmation sessions to validate that the processes configured in Workday reflect the intended process designs. The Engagement Event listing below simplifies the purpose and target audience for the various engagement activities currently taking place across the university and medical center.

Note: The Finance community will preview Earnings Operations and Expenses processes in June, followed by Business Assets processes in July. Please contact with questions about future sessions.


Engagement Events

Customer Confirmation Sessions

Sharing Ohio State’s business processes with central business unit subject matter experts to validate system configurations.

Recommended for: leaders and subject matter experts.

User Preview

Sharing Ohio State’s business processes with a select group of college/unit business leaders and staff for awareness and understanding.

Recommended for: leaders and subject matter experts and core/frequent system users.

Workday 101

Introducing the Workday user experience and navigation.

Recommended for: core/frequent system users and casual/infrequent users (e.g. faculty and staff).

Workday Core Concepts

Introducing foundational Workday concepts to core users as an optional pre-cursor to system training.

Recommended for: core/frequent system users.