6/25/19 Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the Ohio State Community

Feedback Friday web bannerFeedback Friday posts address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page: https://enterprise-project.osu.edu/contact.

I currently work with eReports and BuckIQ. What will happen to these systems?

Both eReports and BuckIQ will be retired with the implementation of Workday. Workday will deliver information that is typically found in today's reports right in the system, whether through search results, tables, dashboards, or other visualizations. Users will be able to resolve issues directly in the source system through actionable and drillable data that allows users to do more than just see data.

What if I need to look up something from five years ago? What's happening to historical data?

Historical PeopleSoft data, as well as data from other systems that will not be converted to the new Workday format, will live in the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE). The goal of the RAE is to provide a place to create reports and perform analytics with datasets that cross multiple systems (i.e. Workday data, plus data from another system) and/or require historical data that does not reside in Workday.

Will the university offer training services for the business intelligence and analytics environments?

Yes. We are currently developing training modules and classes to cover all aspects of the new reporting solutions, including Workday Reporting, Workday Worksheets and Tableau, among others.