A Day in the Life of Tammy

"A Day in the Life" feature

Tammy Ament
The Enterprise Project will implement modern systems and more efficient processes at Ohio State. "A Day in the Life" shines a light on featured project team members to showcase the range of activities taking place. Meet the Buckeyes who are breaking barriers and fueling the future of business at Ohio State!

Tammy Ament is a Functional Lead for the Enterprise Project’s Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) team. Tammy leads a group of HR professionals who are working to streamline the Recruit-to-Hire process, the beginning stages of the employment experience for Ohio State’s faculty, staff and students. Read on to learn how Tammy leverages her more than 15 years of recruitment experience with the university’s medical center to support the Enterprise Project.


The Recruit-to-Hire (R2H) team is designing an employee experience for the complex and diverse needs of the entire Ohio State community. Recruiting processes begin with the creation of a job requisition and progress all the way through the onboarding experience. The R2H team began optimizing recruiting processes through months of business process transformation workshops and design sessions. The team is now refining and testing processes with university stakeholders to ensure the voice of the candidate and recruiter are realized in the final process flow. Tammy attends Enterprise Project meetings hosted by the medical center to stay informed on med center updates and needs.

“My team and I make a point to carve out time to dive into each process and use our individual areas of expertise and our specialized recruiting backgrounds to make sure we’re designing for the recruiting needs across Ohio State,” says Tammy.

Tammy Ament presents a complete breakdown of the entire recruitment and hiring process.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience

As part of the broader HR Transformation efforts, the Recruit-to-Hire transformation is intertwined with the HR Service Delivery initiative to implement a more effective and efficient HR model to support the Ohio State community.

Tammy and the Recruit-to-Hire team are excited that candidates, recruiters and managers will benefit from a seamless recruiting process, setting a solid first impression of the university’s emphasis on candidate care.

“Recruiting is so unique in that we are forward-facing; the recruitment process is such a human-centered process,” says Tammy.

Collaborate and Listen

Tammy actively engages with other teams on the Enterprise Project, university and WMC leadership and recruiters across the university to consistently shape and refine Recruit-to-Hire business processes.

“For example, we recently designed for executive and coach recruitment and spent much of our time meeting with stakeholders across the campus to clarify and refine what they need in a system like Workday,” explains Tammy.

Empowering Recruiters

Tammy is excited that the future Recruiter Hub in Workday will empower the recruiting community with a line-of-sight into recruiting processes. The Recruiter Hub is where candidates will be screened and recruiters will be able to see where an individual has applied across the university, at what step s/he is in the process, the application status, prior background checks and more.

Tammy and her team are advocates for changes and improvements to help tackle the common pain points identified by the university’s recruiting community. The Recruit-to-Hire team also gleans best practices from other institutions and Workday consultants to brainstorm and execute creative solutions.

“I love that my team is motivated, hardworking and strives to think outside the box. We’re always asking ourselves what will help the business and looking at things from the business perspective and the candidate’s experience,” says Tammy.