Testing Activities Beginning Soon

Ohio State will begin testing the Workday system and revitalized business processes beginning in August, 2019. Testing activities will validate the Workday configurations and related processes to ensure the university’s business needs are met.

The university will continue working on key activities from the Configure and Prototype phase while gradually transitioning to the Testing phase for finance, supply chain, HR and payroll processes. Testing efforts will continue through the spring of 2020. The goals of testing the system and business processes include:

  • Ensuring all the business requirements are met.
  • Refining system performance and reliability by uncovering and resolving defects.
  • Increasing operational readiness with consistent and repeatable test processes.

The project’s testing methodology first concentrates on the foundational aspects of Workday, and then layers in additional processes. The phase will begin with finalizing detailed testing plans and schedules, as well as early testing of critical payroll processes.

A variety of testing activities will occur throughout the Testing phase, including:

  • End-to-end testing, which will test the full lifecycle of business processes to validate the entire Workday system.
  • User acceptance testing, starting early 2020, which will bring members of the Ohio State community into the testing process to validate the system from a user’s perspective.

Other key activities during the Testing phase will include partnering with campus and Wexner Medical Center teams to build and test integrations between Workday and local systems, as well as developing training materials and launching an institution-wide marketing campaign.

Ohio State’s Workday Student implementation will continue working closely with the Workday product team to both design and configure student business processes in preparation for future system releases.

Several other Enterprise Project initiatives have started piloting aspects of the future state to identify potential challenges. The HR Service Delivery team launched a pilot of the new HR operating model with a few units from across campus and the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting team is starting to load datasets into the Reporting and Analytics Environment.

Please send questions related to testing activities to enterprise-project@osu.edu.