Standing Up the Reporting and Analytics Environment

Ohio State is building a Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE) to complement Workday’s data analytics and reporting capabilities. A “soft launch” of the RAE will take place early next week, which entails loading a few initial datasets and beginning to pilot governance and access processes.

The RAE, powered by Amazon Web Services, is both a data source and query engine. It will allow data analysts, those who frequently use and interpret university data, to create reports and perform analytics using datasets from enterprise systems, like Workday, as well as from locally maintained applications. The RAE will also house historical data from retiring systems that will not be converted to Workday.

The key goal of the RAE soft launch is to identify and resolve issues with data loads and related processes, such as data access, quality and definitions, ahead of the first release of Workday. With each release of Workday at Ohio State, the amount of data loaded to the RAE will increase, also increasing the number of employees interested in accessing the RAE for analytics and reporting purposes.

The RAE and supporting data processes will further Ohio State’s data management vision by eliminating duplication and minimizing movement of data, providing transparency around who is accessing university data for what purpose, providing and supporting common tools and sharing data definitions to build common understanding.

As part of the data transformation efforts underway, Netezza (one of Ohio State's physical storage spaces for analytics data) was successfully retired earlier this month. Datasets that were formerly located within Netezza have been migrated to Amazon Redshift.

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