Feedback Friday: Questions and Comments from the University Community

Feedback Friday web bannerFeedback Friday articles address questions received through the Enterprise Project mailbox, meetings, contact form and surveys. Answers to the incoming questions and comments are provided by project team subject matter experts. Your questions and comments may be submitted though the Contact page.

The Enterprise Project hosted a Core Concepts session today for Finance professionals. This particular session covered reporting in Workday, introducing dynamic reports and reporting tools that will drive better decision making. Below are a few of the questions received during this session.

Will there be a list or explanation of all the different types of reports? How will we know which report will provide the information we need?

Yes, the project team is currently working on clear report definitions so end users understand what is available. Any of the "out of the box" reports, those that are pre-delivered by Workday, already have a provided definition within the system. The project team will create definitions with university standards in mind to ensure a uniform approach.

Will Workday data match information in the PI portal?

In the future state, the PI portal will be within Workday, so the data will be live. Other snapshot reports surrounding research activities will most likely be found in the Reporting and Analytics Environment (RAE), as those will be referenced more infrequently.

Currently, there are both managerial reports and accounting reports. Will we have one type of report moving forward?

We are working on this solution from a design perspective. We are working with the Finance business owners and subject matter experts to determine the best approach.