Dynamic Reporting Offers New Benefits to Ohio State

With the implementaion of Workday, reports will not be static as in the past. Workday reports provide information in real-time, resulting in more reliable data. Different types of Workday reports will be available in several formats:

  • Standard: pre-built and delivered by Workday
  • Custom: address business needs unique to Ohio State
  • Dashboards: similar reports and information often used together in a single view that is easy to find

Ohio State's current administrative processes and systems can only provide reports through the manual updating of multiple and disparate data sources. Often, the time it takes to manipulate this data results in reports that are accurate for only a brief period of time.

Watch a brief recording, available in BuckeyeLearn, that provides an overview of reporting in Workday and a demo using the Workday Time and Absence dashboard. In the demo you'll see how "worklets," or mini reports can be accessed and how pending time off requests can be quickly reviewed and approved within the worklet itself!