Engaging the Change Network

The Change Network came together for an in-person meeting earlier this month to cover the Enterprise Project's key activities. Mike Anderson and Natalie Sisto Means, the Enterprise Project directors, kicked off the meeting by welcoming the group and discussing the project's overall status.

As advocates for the transformation ahead, the Change Coordinators heard more about the ways in which various groups will experience change. The change management team walked through an example "change journey" for staff, faculty and managers. The purpose of the change journey for each group is to demonstrate how most individuals will be impacted and how they will be supported to navigate the changes.

A portion of the meeting agenda informed Change Coordinators about what to expect from the university-wide marketing campaign that will launch this fall. The Ohio State community will begin to receive more frequent communications during the 2019-20 academic year regarding Workday, prior to system launch. The project's marketing and communications team presented draft messaging and designs, and collected valuable feedback from the group.

The Change Coordinators also viewed a demonstration of the "Digital Home" initiative, which will provide a summary view of information that is unique to each individual. The "Digital Home" initiative will serve as an easy entry point for users searching for information spanning multiple systems.

To identify your unit's local Change Coordinator, please check the Change Network webpage. And stay up-to-date on other Enterprise Project activities by subscribing to the Enterprise Project Digest, the project's monthly newsletter.