Workday Brings Improvements to Grants Management

Many improvements related to grants management and administration will occur as Ohio State moves to Workday. Faculty and some staff, along with colleagues in the Office of Research, all will use Workday to manage grants. One of the key features will be a new Principle Investigator (PI) Portal accessed via Workday. Faculty will:

  • Use Workday to manage all grants (internal, non-Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and OSP grants), through post-award
  • Obtain greater access to grant data management
  • Access the PI Portal directly through Workday
  • Access Buckeye Buy directly through Workday to purchase contracted items
  • Have a designted bank card to purchase items for grants
  • Receive in-system notifications of costing allocations for the grants they manage

The Enterprise Project is hosting a Grants Conference on Monday, October 28. Participants will be introduced to research administration and PI Portal functionality within Workday. The event is open to any faculty or staff member who works with grants and would like to learn more. The link to register is available in BuckeyeLearn. Attendees will also hear more about upcoming changes related to grants with the implementation of Workday, outlined below.

What's ChangingWhat's Staying the Same
  • Cost transfers and Personnel Accounting Adjustments (PAAs) will be processed within Workday, eliminating the need for additional forms.
  • Enhanced reporting, available within the new PI Portal.
  • A dedicated Grants Procurement Shared Services Center will be launched with the go-live of Workday.
  • Greater visibility into sub-awards.
  • Real-time data reporting will be more readily available
  • Ability to route award close-out task to OSP resources, PIs and/or administrators.
  • PIs / department administrators and/or staff still complete the ePA005 process and utilize grants submission software (like Cayuse) for proposal submission.
  • OSP will still enter Facilities and Administration (F&A) parameters during award set-up.

Additional information about grants management will be shared throughout the academic year, as the Enterprise Project prepares to deliver exceptional services, though modernized technology, for a better Ohio State experience. Please contact with questions.