Message from the Executive Sponsors

Workday Student Timeline Update

Dear Colleagues,

In August, we announced a pause of our Workday Student implementation efforts to evaluate next steps in light of the fact that the product would not be ready on our timeline. We appreciate the time that stakeholders, team members and leaders have put in to determining the best path forward, and we are pleased to provide you with an update on the university’s Workday Student implementation.

We remain committed to implementing Workday Student on a timeline that has been extended two years so that Workday can develop a product that will meet our requirements. Our Workday Student implementation will begin in Summer 2023. Importantly, in addition to our ongoing product reviews, Ohio State will conduct formal checkpoints every six months – timed for the biannual Workday new functionality releases – to monitor Workday Student’s development progress against our critical functionality needs.

Until we implement Workday Student, we will remain on the PeopleSoft student information system, which will integrate with Workday’s finance, supply chain, human resources and payroll products when they go live. We remain on track for the finance, supply chain, HR and payroll releases.

The Student Business Process team will now begin an extended Configure and Prototype phase. Members of this team will either remain engaged with our Workday Student implementation, move to other Enterprise Project teams in support of next summer’s Workday releases or return to their home units. We thank the Student Business Process team and our campus partners who dedicated many months to this work. They faced several challenges with being on the leading edge of implementing new technology, and faced it all with incredible attitude and will.

A detailed project plan is being developed now, and updates will be shared as they are finalized. We appreciate all of you and the immense work you are putting into the Enterprise Project’s success.


Bruce A. McPheron, PhD, Executive Vice President and Provost

Susan Basso, Senior Vice President for Talent, Culture and Human Resources

Michael Hofherr, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Beth Hume, PhD, Vice Provost for Student Academic Success and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Mark Larmore, Chief Financial Officer, Wexner Medical Center, and Vice President for Health Sciences

Michael Papadakis, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer